Joshua P. Collins

Electrical Engineer, Programer


Cybernetic Augmentation of an
Uncrewed Vehicle Fleet

Old Dominion University - Engineering Design Project

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The project will design and develop a system that implements a version of the “Dynamic Difficulty and Task All ocation” simulation outlined in section 5.3 of Solovey, et al., 2015 (attached), with actual robots or UAVs. The system will allocate control between a human operator and an autopilot in each of several robots or quadcopters based upon the cognitive state of the operator as inferred from EEG and EKG signals. These signals can be processed through various integral transforms and filtered, providing frequently data that correlates to one’s state of mind. Due to the complexity of constructing such a device that can operate accurately and reliably, a method of retrieving only the desired frequencies and implementing these frequencies was needed. To do this, the frequencies related to the user’s attention were processed though the OpenBCI platform and run through programs for processing and filtering the data, as well as both weighting and relaying it to a cen tralized control program. Control was then divided up among the robots between autonomous and manual control, providing an “implicit” EEG control style.

Serpent Transformation

Serpent VHDL Encryption Model

Old Dominion University

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This VHDL Structural implimentation of the Serpent cipher was done as a group project done as the final project for a digital systems design course.
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OCRMax Character

VisionPro OCRMax Training Tool

Brenco - Internship


This software works with Cognex VisionPro® OCRMax™ software and API to automatically create an optimized, or optimize an existing, character font set for a given set of sample images.

Sudoku icon

Deterministic Sudoku Algorithm



This algorithm is currentlly being implimented in C++. It is designed to find the solution to any single solution solvable sudoku puzzle in a deterministic manner (no guessing).

The most recent version has solved 16 of 18 puzzles given to it: 5 easy, 5 medium, 5 hard, "Worlds Hardest Sudoku" as developed by Finnish mathematition Arto Inkala, 2 17-clue sudoku (could not solve)

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Service Project



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